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What is ElderShield
1. What is ElderShield?
2. Who is eligible to join ElderShield?
3. Why should I join ElderShield now?
4. Can I join ElderShield if I have a pre-existing disability?
1. Am I covered by ElderShield?
2. Can I choose my ElderShield insurer?
3. If I am not covered by ElderShield but want to be, how can I receive coverage?
Benefit Parameters
1. Why are ElderShield payouts set at $300 / $400? Why is there a cap on the length of time I can make claims from ElderShield?
2. If ElderShield premiums are only payable until age 65, am I only covered until age 65?
1. How much are my ElderShield premiums?
2. I am just past my 65th birthday. Why am I still asked to pay ElderShield premiums?
3. Do I still have to pay premiums if I get disabled?
4. Why do males and females pay different premiums?
5. Is there a Medisave limit to pay for ElderShield premiums?
1. Who is eligible for ElderShield claims?
2. How do I make a claim under ElderShield?
3. How do I know who the appointed assessors are?
4. Why do I need to wait 90 days before getting my payouts if I become severely disabled?
5. Do I have to bear the cost of assessment?
6. Can I see my own doctor to be assessed for ElderShield claims?
7. What can I do if I disagree with the claims assessment of the insurer?
ElderShield Supplements
1. What are ElderShield Supplements?
2. How do I know if I have an ElderShield Supplement?
3. Where can I find a comparison of all the current ElderShield Supplement plans?
ElderShield Review
1. What will the review cover? What are possible enhancements? What is the timeline for review?
2. I am currently covered under ElderShield 300 / ElderShield 400 / ElderShield Supplement. How will the review affect me?
Other Related Questions
1. What is the difference between ElderShield and MediShield Life?
2. What are ElderShield rebates?
3. When will I receive the next rebate?